Frequently Asked Questions

What Size to Choose?

Each size disc has its own approximate max playing time, which depends on the loudness of the cut, and the sonic content of the audio. For instance, bass heavy dance music has a wider groove thus shorter max times, louder cuts also have wider grooves thus shorter max times. We have listed some approximate ball park figures below, however please be aware there will be circumstances where these times may either be unable to achieve, OR perhaps be surpassed :

7” single @45rpm 3mins 45secs
7” single @33rpm 4mins 30secs

10” single @45rpm 6mins 00secs
10” single @33rpm 7mins 00secs

12” single @45rpm 7mins 00 secs
12” single @33rpm 9mins 30secs

Is there a difference in quality between the different size dub plates?

The only difference is the standard phenomenon common with all vinyl records. As the groove gets closer to the centre of the record, the groove length per cycle of the record gets shorter and shorter, meaning the audio information has to be compacted into less space.
Therefore a 12” disc will sound best during the first few inches, and will slowly display a high frequency roll off as the groove approaches the centre of the disc. For this reason we recommend cutting to 12”.
However 7” records can still sound fantastic, and if you prefer your track on 7” we would recommend to cut at 45rpm, as slower rotation, coupled with less diameter makes the roll off more noticeable.
The weight of the record is purely aesthetic and bears no difference in cut quality.

How Many plays do they last?

Our dub plates, are known to show no signs of wear after 1000’s of plays. The PVC blanks we cut into are much harder than traditional dub plates that slowly wore away with each play.

How should I prepare my audio before I upload?

There are a few considerations you should be aware of:


Make sure the low end under 300Hz is not out of phase. Why? Because out of phase low end will not translate well to vinyl. In fact, it can actually cause the groove to travel vertically upwards and off the record thus leaving a “land” gap in the groove causing any playback stylus to jump.
How do you check? Use a Phase Correlation Meter plugin and make sure the reading is positive, closer to “1”. These can be found on many plugins including Izotope Ozone, or maybe your DAW’s stock plugins. Sound on Sound Magazine wrote an excellent article on using these visual mixing aids, you can read it HERE
We could mono sum the bass for you, however, if the bass is wildly out of phase, summing will likely cancel out many of the bass frequencies. If you have this problem, and no way of rectifying it, We may have another solution that requires a bit of work, Please contact us to discuss.

Don’t understand Phase? Theres a great article HERE


Please do not heavily limit your music. You can make your digital master as loud as you like but this will have no bearing on how loud the record is cut. In fact, heavily limited music will actually have to be cut quieter as the cutting engineer will have to lower the level to be able to cut effectively.
We recommend not submitting masters with less than 8dB dynamic range, if you have even more dynamic range this can actually sound better once the record is cut.

Not sure what Dynamic Range is or its importance? Watch an easy to understand video on loudness wars HERE

And another great instructional video HERE


If providing a file for us to master please leave at least 6dB headroom. This means a peak level of -6dBFS on your audio file.
Leave all master bus compression & limiting OFF too. However, we encourage you to provide a copy of your version with compression & limiting as this can give valuable insight into your vision for the track.

Not sure what Mastering is? Read this excellent article by Izotope HERE


Stem Mastering is for when you feel your track needs a little more than just mastering. Maybe you work in a room with less than ideal acoustics, less than ideal monitoring, or maybe you just want a professional to give your track some extra depth & sparkle.
Stem mastering allows for much greater access & control over a track. With separate kick drum & bass stems we can clean up and define the bottom end. Add to these keys or synths or Pads or sfx stems, we can help reduce any boxiness or muddiness that may be troubling your mix, and generate some better separation & vibe. Then of course the all important vocal stem can allow us to process this individually. Using these stems really allows us to help shape your track, We use a combination of analog outboard processors from TubeTech, API, Roll Music, Kush, Focusrite and the finest plugins such as UAD, Soundtoys & Slate Digital. Stem mastering is a halfway house between mixing & mastering. Stem mastering is not for those who are happy with their current mix, standard mastering is far more appropriate if that is the case. But if you have got your mix as good as you can get it, but feel it needs that little extra to make it sound professional then Stem Mastering is a perfect way of achieving it.


We recommend sending your files to us in the same resolution they were recorded or created in. Whilst we always prefer the highest resolution possible, it is worth noting there is no sound quality benefit to upscaling lower res files, it will only serve to make the file size larger
We accept:

24bit 96k Wav / Aiff
24bit 48k Wav / Aiff
24bit 44.1k Wav / Aiff
16bit 96k Wav / Aiff
16bit 48k Wav / Aiff
16bit 44.1k Wav / Aiff

We have our own online uploader service hosted by wetransfer HERE. But can also accept DAT / CD / DVD via the post.

(Other Codecs can be accepted if you do not have the files in either Wav or Aiff. However, although we can cut from mp3 and other lossy formats, we advise against it wherever possible as the final product will undoubtedly be compromised)

How do I upload my files?

Just use our simple uploading service HERE But remember, don’t just upload your files. Make sure you include your order number, track titles & also track order if purchasing an E.P or L.P.

How can I pay?

Paypal, World Pay or Bank Transfer.

You do not need an account to use Paypal or World Pay methods. They both offer the buyer to the chance to just enter their card details. If do not have a card or Paypal account you can use, we do accept bank transfers. Please Contact Us HERE to arrange your order via bank transfer.

How long does it take to receive my Dubplate after I place my order?

       - Dubplate 7-14 days
       - Dubplate with printed centre labels 7-14 days
       - Dubplate with printed sleeves 14-21 days
       - Centre Labels Only 1-3 days
       - Mastering 3-7 days (email delivery)
       - Stem Mastering 3-14 days (email delivery)

Often we are able to complete orders sooner, sometimes we can even cut the same day and send the day after, but during particularly busy periods we reserve the right to take a little longer if necessary. If you are in a rush, please Contact Us HERE prior to purchase to check turnaround times

I have another question that is not answered in this FAQ

Please feel free to email us at, Use the contact form to Contact Us HERE or call us on 07771553552 and we’ll be happy to discuss your query.