Professional Record Cleaning

We use a World Class top of the range Loricraft cleaning machine.

How does it work?

Well, its like a huge turntable with a tone arm, except the tone arm is a medical grade micro vacuum that sucks all the grime out of the grooves. First we apply the cleaning solution and work it into the grooves, leave for a short time to allow the solution to dislodge all grime & dirt, then start the machine and place the suction arm at the start of the record. The arm then automatically works its way across the record as if it was playing it, whilst sucking all the grime, dirt & fluid into the catchment pot. Voila! Clean record!

In the interests of vinyl care, every record we clean will be placed into a high quality 450guage polythene protective cover (No extra, Included in cost) to protect the record from gaining any dust while stored in your racks.

Feel free to send your records to us, or, perhaps you would prefer to visit and clean the records yourself so that you dont have to let your precious collection out of your possession. Either way, we are happy to accommodate you.

Our studio is by appointment only, so please make sure you contact us to arrange your visit in advance. you can do that by contacting on:

Phone: 07771 553552 or