E.P Mastering (up to 4 tracks)

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E.P Mastering of up to 4 tracks

We master your audio through boutique analog hardware and industry leading software to maximise your audio potential.

We ask you to provide us with information of your aesthetic aspirations for your music. We can quite happily work towards industry standard results if you are not sure, but we find the results are more appropriate when you the client informs us of their artistic intentions. Do you want it to sound warm? soft? hard? bright? dark? dynamic? This will enable us to pick the most appropriate tools for the task. Even sending us a name of a professionally released reference track can be helpful in some instances to achieve the best client satisfaction.

-- Please provide the highest resolution file of your audio.
-- Preferably with a peak loudness around -6dBFS to allow us the headroom to work with.
-- Leave all master bus compression & limiting OFF.
-- However, we encourage you to provide a copy of your version WITH compression & limiting as this can give valuable insight into your vision for the track.

We accept most file types but prefer full resolution 2496k Wav or Aiff. If your audio is in a lower resolution please do not upscale, but provide in the resolution it was made or captured in.

We also accept DAT tapes & CD masters.

After completing your order, please visit our File Uploader HERE and include your order number & audio files.
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